About Jason Sargus

Strategic Coaching and Athlete Development

Jason Sargus has been called many things: the “Magic Man”, the Rain Man of fighting, a genius, a loner, but his favorite thing to be called is coach. He has built dominant professional fighters from the ground up, yet what he likes best is to home in on any fighter’s deficits and make decent and good fighters into great ones. In an increasingly competitive sport, where "good" fighting is the new "average," Sargus focuses on making his athletes exceptional fighters, and the wins take care of themselves

An Obsession with Excellence

Sargus uses his talent (some might say obsession) at breaking down fight footage to craft winning fight camp strategies and game plans for his athletes' fights, taking all variables into detailed and scientific consideration. Sargus then guides his athletes through the incremental goals he sets in a fight camp calibrated to achieve the ultimate goal: a dominant victory.

Deep Experience at the Top Levels of Professional MMA and Boxing

Sargus has over 36 years of wrestling experience, over 20 years of striking experience, and over 9 years coaching as a MMA and boxing specialist. His methods as a strength and conditioning, weight cutting, and rehydration consultant are proven effective in both the ring and cage, and male and female clients. Current and former clients include pro boxing world title holders and contenders, pro MMA champions, UFC fighters, and amateur MMA and boxing champions. They all know that when you want to win, you want Jason Sargus running your fight camp, and in your corner.  

Most recently, Sargus served as strength and conditioning coach for 33-year old "King" Gabriel Rosado during his fight camp preparing for his March 15, 2019 title fight with Maciej Sulecki, where Rosado surged late to execute a two-knockdown 9th round against Sulecki in a fight DAZN has called an early contender for fight of the year.

PR & Consulting SERVICES

Brand Analysis & Consulting

Jason Sargus coaches the total athlete and performer. 

A true anomaly in the fight world, Sargus combines decades of fighting and coaching experience with a sharp business mind, currently closing out his Master's Degree studies with a 4.0 GPA in Integrated Marketing & Communications with a Management area of emphasis. 

In addition to world class striking, grappling, and MMA technical coaching, Sargus can provide PR and marketing consulting services for professional athletes, actors, models, creative professionals, and businesses who want to take their brand, and their careers, to the next level. 

Brand analysis includes internal and external image, business & project process audits, as well as rigorous and effective executive and performance coaching

For clients seeking to develop, protect, enhance, or refine their brand, following his strategic analysis and upon request, Sargus can assist in addressing action items identified during any brand audit. Services include content creation, publicity & media training, crisis communications, business development & strategic partnership building.   

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Strategic Consultation & Training

Businesses, professional athletes, actors, models, creative talent, and other individuals nationwide may contact Jason Sargus for consulting or training services. For professional athletes, individual sessions, strategic athlete development consulting or fight camp coaching in the Greater Los Angeles Area or nationwide is also possible after evaluation.

Contact for consultation and media inquiries.

Jason Sargus

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